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Welcome to Dallas Mobile Communications Night Club Two Way Radios Page. We sell several types of radios because we have different customers with various needs when it comes to their communications. We made this page specifically for night clubs, dance clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, entertainment venues, staff events, and other businesses in the entertainment industry. We have come up with three of our radios that will work in your club or other venue. These radios have been tested in high noise environments and have worked for hundreds of our customers in Dallas and through out the United States. Please see the radios below with options. Place your order today! Radio Pricing is between $159 to $299 depending on quantity ordered, the more you order the better discount we can give you!
TC-508 $199
Quantun $179
Titan $189
4 watts of power
Light Weight
Motorola Accy Connector
4 watts of power
Light Weight/ Smaller
Motorola Accy Connector
2 watts of power
Very Light Weight/Smallest
Single Pin Connector
Two-Way Radios for Night Clubs and other Entertainment Venues & Events
D-Shell with PTT & Mic
D-Shell worn on ear.
Surveillance Mic with Ptt
ARC Noise Cancelling Survilliance Mic
D-Holster with Belt Clip
Multi Unit Chargers
Trooper Speaker Mic- Heavy Duty
OPTIONAL Accessories: Not included with radio purchase. 
Pricing: From $30 to $99
  • D-Shell with Ptt & Mic
  • Surveillance Mic
  • ARC Noise Cancelling  Surv Mic (Blocks out loud background noise)
  • Trooper Speaker Mics
  • Nylon Cases (Protects Radio
  • Multi-Unit Chargers $199 & up

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Digital Radio: $299
Excera Digital Radio
4 watts of power
Light Weight
Motorola Accy Connector
Surv Mics
Spkr Mics
MultiUnit Chrgr
Nylon Case
ARC Noise cancl Mic
Trooper Mic