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Dallas Mobile Communications provides you with affordable and dependable Two-Way Radio Rentals for:

Trade shows
Fairs and festivals
Sporting events
School and church outings
Corporate events
Security operations
Transportation companies
Travel services
Industry associations

How it Works: 

1. Fill out the request form below and input your contact information and info about your event.
2. We will call you to confirm your order with a credit card and answer any questions you may have.
3. We either Fed Ex your order or you can pick up your radios. 
4. Return radios and accessories to Dallas Mobile Communications. 

The Equipment We Rent to You

Portable Two-Way Radios: 4 Watts of Power, Comes with Antenna, Belt Clip, Battery, Charger

These are light weight radios, small in size but pack plenty of power to penetrate through walls and buildings. The radio is rated IP65, this means it has a high resistance to water and dust. This radio is rugged and dependable. We maintain all our radios after every use.  

5 Watt  or 40 Watt Repeater: Sometimes you need an "extra boost "of power so your radios can talk further than just radio to radio. This usually occurs when a customer is having an event in several buildings or a large building with several floors. The repeater basically boosts your signal to give you more coverage. For small to medium sized buildings we recommend the 5watt repeater. For large buildings we recommend the 40watt repeater. Please give us a call to discuss this further if you think you need a repeater. The repeater is easy to use and install, simply plug into a power outlet, place antenna on the wall or ceiling. 
Portable Radio

Accessories: We offer three type of accessories for the radios. Acoustic Tube, D-Shell and Ear Hook Style. Each accessory is slightly different. Our best rental is the D-Shell. These are 
                    Acoustic Tube                                D-Shell                                          Earhook
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