This exiting new radio line from Hytera makes digital radio an affordable option. These radios are compatible with Motorola's Mototrbo products in both direct and repeater mode. This makes it possible for a company to deploy both Mototrbo and Hytera radios using either Mototrbo or Hytera repeaters. Using TDMA's 2 to 1 frequency allocation, you can now get 2 simultaneous channels out of 1 repeater, using only 1 frequency pair. At Dallas Mobile we have experience integrating Hytera digital radios into existing anolog systems, becuase each model can operate as digital or analog.  Contact us today to learn how your company can deploy these exciting new products to take advantage of this new new digital radio technology.

Fully compliant to the DMR standard, the PD782 and PD702 keep users well-informed in various complex scenarios and offers a solution of efficient real-time communication, staff management, and versatile functionalities. Built with an ergonomic design and a user-friendly interface, these radios are your way of optimizing your organization’s efficiency on the job.

Specifications (Both models are fully submersible)
•Frequency: 400-470 MHz or 450-520 MHz
 (VHF also available)
•Channels: 1,024
•Zones: 32 
•TX Power: 5 Watts
•Spacing: 25/20/12.5 KHz
•Voltage: 4.7V
•Battery: 2000 mAh Li-Ion
•Weight: 11.3 oz
•LCD: 160x128 pixels
•LCD: 65535 colors
Welcome to the Digital Age of Two-Way Radios.
Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is an open digital radio standard produced by European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI). Being capable of voice, data and a range of other features and applications in conventional and trunking mode, DMR has received global recognitions. As a premium member of DMR Association, Hytera has mastered this technology. All our DMR products fully meet ETSI DMR requirements and feature innovative numerous unique applications. Dallas Mobile Communications can upgrade or migrate your old system with ease. Call today for a free consultation.

           Digital Migration with Ease

In situations ever more complex and tasks more demanding, the analog system is holding you back due to its low frequency spectrum efficiency and limited capacity. Digital communications technology brings the solutions,which are not only widely accepted by the industry, but also supported by the governments because of its excellent performance and sustainable development.

As one of the leaders in professional digital communications, Hytera ensures high investment into R&D to sustain innovations that answer demands of the industry. Hytera DMR digital two-way radio system, developed with one of the most mature digital technologies (click to know more about DMR), offers the solutions for those who are migrating from analog to digital, as well as who decide to start right from the digital system.

Superior audio performance: DMR Digital technology provides better noise rejection and preserves voice quality over a greater range than analog, especially at the farthest edges of the transmission range based on the combined efforts of narrowband codec and digital error-correction technology.

Lower Ownership Cost: TDMA's true two time-slot technology highly increases frequency spectrum efficiency, which means gaining twice capacity with one channel. DMR equipment is compatible with the current analog system, enabling smooth migration with less drain on the budget.

Versatile Data applications: Besides conventional functionalities, DMR offers versatile data applications such as text messaging, GPS, high-speed data transmission and automatic registration.

Our Digital Portables and Mobiles
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HYT Hytera PD782/ PD702 
Digital Portable Two Way Radios  
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of the PD782 & PD702
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Dual Modes (Analog+Digital) 
MD785/785G can operate in either analog or digital mode. It is compatible with the prevalent analog system, ensuring a smooth analog-to-digital transition. 
Versatile Voice Calls
Intelligent signaling of MD785/785G supports various voice call types, including Private Call, Group Call and All Call. 
MD785G supports viewing of GPS positioning information and sending of GPS text message.
IP Service*
MD785/785G allows multiple IP functions if connected with a PC via IP address. 
Various Analog Signaling Types
MD785/785G supports various analog signaling types (HDC1200, DTMF*, 2-Tone* and 5-Tone*), providing higher function expansion capacity. 
Multiple Languages
MD785/785G supports 10 languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German*, Spanish*, French*, Italian*, Polish*, Russian* and Turkish*), allowing you to select as per your needs. 
Software Upgradable
With this capability, you can enjoy further features without buying a new machine. 
HYT Hytera MD782 Digital Mobile Two Way Radio 
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HYT Hytera RD982 Digital Repeater Two Way Radio Systems 
Smart Digital-Analog Switch 
This repeater supports digital and analog modes. It can smartly select the right one based on the type of received signal, allowing you to enjoy digital delights with ease. Advanced TDMA Technology 
The application of Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology greatly enhances spectrum efficiency, which allows twice the user compared with that of traditional FDMA. Obviously, this can not only save your cost in base station and frequency license, but also relieve the pressure of increasing shortage in spectrum resources. 
128-bit Digital Encryption 
The advanced 128-bit encryption technology can secure your communication from being eavesdropped. 
Outstanding Heat Dissipation 
The unique cooling design combining a built-in heat pipe and a temperature-controlled fan ensures quick heat dissipation, enabling the repeater to work normally even with full power. 
Handy Management Service
With the management software, you can remotely monitor and diagnose a repeater. In addition, you can either record or play back the audio freely in digital mode. 
Innovative LED Design
The innovative LED and the 2.0“ HD color display would deliver you the repeater status clearly, as well as a pleasing visual experience
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Hytera X1 Covert Radio, fully compliant to DMR open standard of ETSI, emerges as the world's smallest DMR radio. Perfect combination of structural rigidity, versatile functionalities, and refined design; secure communication ensured by AES encryption algorithm & 256 digits dynamic encryption key; convenient application development facilitated by built-in Bluetooth and USB port; and worry-free handling achieved by IP67 protection. All comes with a surprisingly small size. 18mm thin.

1. Ease of use: easy to use withthe rugged body as thin as 18mm, professional wireless headsets or collar microphone*, palm controller and flexible antenna. 
2. Full RF power: 4W (UHF) / 5W (VHF)
3. IP67: one-meter submersion up to30 minutes.
4. Durability: passing of HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F compliance.
The Hytera X1 is the world`s smallest commercially available covert radio.
Fully DMR compliant and backwards compatible to interface with analogue systems.

•Advanced encryption - AES & 256 dynamic encryption key
•Built in Bluetooth
•Open USB interface
•GPS positioning
•Dual mode (digital & analogue)
•Versatile voice calls - group call, individual call, all call
•Vibration alert
•IP67 rated
•Wide range of accessories
Hytera X1 Digital Covert Two Way Radio (with Bluetooth)  
Taking pre-orders for delivery in September 2011 - Hytera X1 Covert Radio, fully compliant to DMR, emerges as the world's smallest DMR radio. Secure communication ensured by AES encryption algorithm & 256 digits dynamic encryption key with built-in Bluetooth  

The Hytera RD982 repeater can be installed into an Office Building, Church, Hospital, Warehouse, Factory, Parking Lots, High Rise Building, Plant, Stadiums, Schools, College Campus, and more. We can replace your existing repeater and migrate your portable radios and mobiles with ease. The RD982 will work on your older model analog radios. This is a great alternantive to Motorola Turbo Digital System. The Hytera RD982 is compatible and uses the same format Motorola uses (TDMA). Call today for a free consultation. 
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