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How Two-Way Radios Benefit Your Workplace
Schools & College Campuses
Schools and College campuses are another major customer we cater to when it comes to communications. With all the security concerns and the need for instant communications for schools and college campuses digital two-way radios and repeaters are a great solution. We install and maintain two-way radios and systems, including BDAs (cell phone boosters) for schools and colleges around North Texas and in some cases other cities and states. It is also important to note that we are also currently “narrow banding” many schools and colleges current two-way radios. 

How Digital Two-Way Radios Benefit your school or college campus:

Increase Security & Safety 
Instant Communications with Faculty & Staff
Instant Communications with School Buses
Instant Communications with Security & Police 
Bi-Directional Antennas (cell phone signal boosters)
Wide are campus coverage
Emergency Channel Broadcasting
Call Boxes with solar panels
City wide area coverage available
Durable, Fully Submersible Portable and Mobile Radios
Two-Way radios for School and College Football Games
Digital Video Recorders and Cameras Available

Having a digital two-way radio system for your school or college campus is vital for instant communications. From small elementary schools to large college campuses, Dallas Mobile Communications provides you with professional two-way radios and systems. We have been in the radio business for 30 years and counting. We know radio. Our first step is to evaluate your communications situation. Here are some common questions we ask: 

1.)What exactly are your communications needs? 
2.)Where do you need to talk to and from?
3.)Do you currently have two-way radios? If so, what make and model?
4.)Are your current radios narrowbanded? 
5.)Do you have a repeater system? Is it narrowbanded? Is it digital?
6.)Do you have an FCC license? Is it up to date?  
7.)How big is your school campus?
8.)Do you also need BDAs (cell phone boosters) to increase or improve cell phone signal strength throughout the campus and buildings?
9.)Would you like to upgrade, migrate your current radios to digital? 
10.)What is your current budget for two-way radio communications?

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