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Dallas Mobile Communications
Dallas Mobile Communications
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 Welcome to Dallas Mobile Communications, the leader in Digital Two-Way Radios and Digital Repeater Systems in Dallas and throughout the United States. We also provide LED lightbar, siren, mobile radios, DVR and other vehicle emergency equipment, sales and installation for public safety: Police, Fire, EMS, government, security and construction companies. We have been in the two-way radios communications business for over 30 years. We have the experience and knowledge to bring you solutions for your communications needs. 

Summary of What we Do 
  • Provide Digital two-way radios and earpieces, mics to schools, factories, plants, hotels, security, construction, warehouses, night clubs, restaurants, churches, special events, colleges, building maintenance, day cares, bars, entertainment venues. Solution: Two-Way Radios give leaders the ability to communicate with their team, employees, staff, teachers at the push of a button throughout their work areas. Enhances security, increases work productivity and helps with accountability.  

  • ​Install Digital Two-Way Radio Repeaters in building such as Schools, School Districts, Colleges, Factories, Plants, Warehouses, Food Processing plants, manufacturing plants, storage facilities. Solution: Digital radio coverage in the entire building even where radio to radio comms was impossible. With the digital repeaters the customer now can talk with their portable hand held digital radios anywhere in their work building. We also can connect other buildings with our digital repeaters. We also replace old analog repeaters.

  • Provide Sales and Installation of LED Lightbars, LED visor lights, Grill lights, Traffic Advisors, Mini-Lightbars,Hideaway LEDs, Work Lights, Beacons Dash Lights, Jeep LED lights, Vehicle Emergency Siren Systems (Whelen, Federal Signal, Carson and more), Ram Vehicle Laptop Mounts, Toughbook Installs, Equipment Removal, Vehicle DVR camera Installation, Vehicle Tracking Installation, Mobile Radio and Antenna Installs (Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera, and more) Switches, Control Boxes, Gun Boxes, Vehicle Shelving and hardware (Pro-Gard, Havis), Gun Racks. Solution:  Provide professional sales and installation of LED Vehicle equipment, Sirens, Hardware, Cameras for various customers : Local Government, Federal Government, Police, Fire, Ems, Security and private companies. We install at the shop or onsite. 

  • Cell Phone Boosters (BDA- Bi-Directional Amplifiers)​ We install BDAs to "boost" your cell phone coverage in your work place such as a manufacturing plant, factory, warehouse, office building. Solution: Talk anywhere in the building on a cell phone. 

Hytera Digital BD-502 is perfect for your business or school
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Introducing our Flagship Radio the Maxon TPD-1000 Series Digital Radios. These radios are built tough and filter out the loudest noises. These radios are great for Factories, Plants, Warehouses, Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Concert Halls, Entertainment Venues, Special Events, Catering, Police, Fire and EMS. Click here or on the radios to get more information. 
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