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How Two-Way Radios Benefit Your Workplace

Manufacturing Plants & Warehouses
Manufacturing Plants & Warehouses are one of our biggest customers when it comes to two-way radios. Some of the top priorities for this type of customer is SAFETY, SECURITY and the Bottom Line (saving money). 
Two-Way radios increase Safety & Security in many ways:
  • Instant communications with employees
  • Filter Loud Background Noise when talking on radios
  • Quick response to emergency situations​
  • Ability to have different channles (supervisor, all call, emergency)
  • Durable, Rugged, Submersible, Military spec radios
  • Digital Two-Way Radio Technonolgy (clear, penetrating)
  • FCC Narrow Banded Radios
  • Call Boxes (place in entry areas)
  • Wireless "Loud Mouth" Loud Speakers 
  • Two-Way radio accessories for hands free use
  • No air-time costs or minutes like cell phones or Nextel

There are various ways that manufacturing plants and warehouses use two way radios. In the example above, this customer is using our Digital Hytera Repeater RD-982 along with our Digital Hytera Portable radios (PD-782 & PD-702). This customer is a manufacturing plant. They have large delivery trucks coming in and out of the facility. They manufacture goods inside the plant. The plant is very loud in certain areas. When they first called us they were using Nextel and Cell Phones to communicate. The Plant Supervisor found us on Google and gave us a call. They also have a warehouse down the street where they store some of their manufactured products. The biggest problem with the cell phones and Nextel was that:

The Phones were constantly breaking
The batteries were discharging
The contracts were confusing and always changing
Signal loss and dropped calls was constant
They could not hear or communicate near the loud machines
The phones were just not reliable

We met with the customer the following week. We did a site survey and tested our radios throughout the plant. We noticed that in a few areas, no radio signals were getting through. The area was constructed with dense concrete and lots of sheet metal. Other than that area, the Digital radios worked great. They were very impressed when we compared our Digital Radio to their current cell phones. The difference was clear. Our Digital radios filtered 90% more noise than any of their phones. We recommended installing the Digital Hytera Repeater that “Boosts” the digital radio signal throughout the plant. The customer purchased about 200 digital portable radios along with about 10 Mobile radios for their forklifts (see forklift example). They also liked and purchased several call boxes for their entry ways and for remote places like the parking lots and gates. To increase safety, they also purchased the Ritron “Loud Mouth” wireless loud speaker system for emergency announcements. While we were there we had a chance to speak with the owner of the Logistics company that helped with transporting goods to the big box stores. They too were using cell phones to communicate around the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Area. We were able to sign them up to our own Area Wide Digital Radio System.

Forklifts are an essential part of manufacturing plants and warehouses. One thing plant and warehouse supervisors know is the danger in a heavy moving vehicle. Horn and lights are usually installed for safety. Installing a two-way radio increases safety even more. The operator is able to instantly talk to other forklift drivers, the loading dock, other employees, and even with the truck driver. Increasing safety is always a plus. 
All OutPost Series Callboxes are available in Light Duty and Heavy Duty XT models. The Heavy Duty XT features a weather-resistant fiberglass enclosure, a stainless steel faceplate with tamper-resistant fasteners and a concealed antenna making it perfect to withstand any element.
The LoudMouth wireless PA speaker is the ideal solution where a hard-wired PA installation is simply impossible, too expensive, or temporary. The LoudMouth allows you to use your portable 2-way radio, base station or mobile radio to deliver live voice messages directly to a PA speaker up to 2 miles away. Professional grade wireless communication... Keeping People Connected!
Call Boxes: Put Ritron communication tools to work for you! Add an OutPost Callbox to any area where communication is a must, but a portable radio just won't cut it. The 7 Series Ritron OutPost Callbox provides long range 2-way voice communication from a fixed location to portable, mobile, stationary base station radios, or through radio repeaters. Along with the features of the 1 and 6 Series Callboxes the 7 Series incorporates a voice chip that enables you to record and playback a greeting message as well as a location identification message to any recieving radios. Without costly trenching or monthly fees, add the security, convenience and productivity benefits of the 6 Series OutPost Callbox. It can be DC battery or AC powered, utilizing Ritron's external power options. The 7 Series Ritron OutPost Callbox is available in both Basic and XT (extra tough) enclosures. 

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