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In order to choose a two-way radio you must first decide how you want to use it. Basically two-way radios operated by most commercial users fall into two, general categories:

Use in an “On Site” Environment. This includes plants, warehouses, schools and campuses, churches, office buildings, shopping malls, just about any situation where the people who need to communicate with each other are in a relatively close setting (usually less than 1/4 mile to 3 to 5 miles, at most). This type of use can usually be accomplished with two-way radios that talk directly to each other (up to a mile or two), or, with devices called “repeaters” that are mounted on top of buildings or other relatively low structures, and "repeat" or relay the signal to get greater range (typically up to about 5 miles, but possibly more, depending on antenna height).

Most on site systems are UHF, as those signals are better at penetrating walls and other obstacles.However, rural systems that are more spread out with fewer obstacles, may be VHF, as those signals travel farther in the open.

In the past, most on site systems were analog, but today, more and more digital on site systems are being installed.

Radios and repeaters that can make up an On-Site System come from vendors such as HYT, Hytera, ICOM, Kenwood, Vertex/Standard, Ritron and others. 

Use over a Wide Area. This might be several miles, or, across a large geographical area. For most of our customers this is the Dallas Metro area, the DFW Metroplex, or North Texas. These radios work through a network we provide where the repeaters that relay the signals are on tall structures such as office building and towers. Dallas Mobile Communications currently operates and ICOM IDAS Digital Wide Area System.

See our Area Wide Tab for more information about our systems and coverages.


Just like most things you buy, (cars, trucks, tools, computers, you name it), two-way radios can range from basic, economy models, with a few features and moderately rugged, to full-featured models that are built to withstand the toughest working environments. When you buy these types of items, you have to know which one you will need for the job. Part of our job is help you to determine which model is best for your situation.

On-Site Systems and Area Wide Sytems

Repeater in an On-Site System installed in a Warehouse. Clear Communications with almost No Dead Spots. No need for cell phones and monthly payments, because it's Your System!
How an on-site repeater works. And how you can upgrade your current repeater.
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