Two-Way Radios  VS  Cell Phones 

TWO-WAY RADIOS..."Didn't cell phones replace those?"

Two-way radios are our specialty. Today, thousands of different types of entities use two-way radios. Sometimes people ask us, “Why do we need two way radios…don’t cell phones replace those?"

A cell phone is a great device; most of us could not live without one. And today's "smart" phones are basically a computer attached to a wireless phone. But ultimately, as a voice service, a cell phone is a still device for making a phone call to another phone, be it land line or wireless. In most cases, if you want to talk to the other person, it requires dialing a number, letting it ring, waiting for an answer, hopefully talking to the person you are calling, but maybe leaving a voice mail message, etc. The whole process takes at least a minute, usually more, just to make the connection. And then, whether you wanted to or not, you may talk for several minutes. This is called a conversation.

With a two-way radio you push a button, instantly talk to one person or to your whole talk group, (depending on your set up), get the info you need, give those persons further instructions or info, get their response, and act accordingly. The whole process usually takes just a few seconds, seldom more. This is called a dispatch. It’s very fast and efficient, and it saves time and money. Sometimes it can save lives. 

Cell phones generally are fragile, breakable, and most are too lightweight for tough work environments. The cell phone companies know the phones will probably only last a couple of years. Then they are ready to “give” you another one for almost nothing, just so you will renew your contract. Two-way radios are usually tough, rugged, and durable, meet various military specs, and will easily last for 5 years, or more.

And one other thing: Cell phones cost an average of $65.00 or more per month to use. Two-way radios, used on your own site, have no monthly charges, and two-way radios on our wide area systems, typically only cost about $21.00 per month, with no minutes or airtime overages.

Let us tell you more about our wide range of two-way radios and help you decide which ones are best for your business and operations.
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